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A Short Story: Her Power, part 1/3

Post 4 of 21 (yep, finally counted the number of days in 3 weeks haha) for this #newhabitchallenge. There's a good chance I will eventually share on that particular journey by the way... You know, quitting my job, finding my purpose, giving life a new beginning and especially being up to the challenge - 'cause moving #OutOfYourComfortZone is no easy task!

But before I do that, I have to do this... Write every day in this blog. The amount of thoughts I have per day is ENORMOUS but there's not a lot of time in the day for me to put it together into a comprehensive blog post. So here's my idea - how about I write a short story?

When I was a little girl, I used to tell myself a bunch of stories because I couldn't fall asleep easily. It distracted me from seeing all the monsters in my room. Her Power is a story I used to imagine for myself. It helped me sleep.

Here goes... Enjoy!

Her Power, part 1/3

Zena lays in her bed with her stuffed hippo in her arms. The whole house is quiet and she feels lonely. Like every other night, it's almost midnight and she's not asleep. She notices discomfort in her belly and her eyes are open. Zena is no ordinary girl. She holds a very strong power. She just doesn't know it yet.

Her hippo in her arms, she looks at the wood boards of the ceiling and recognizes the faces in the wood knots, "there goes Mrs. Ander and Mr. Grunch". For a moment there, it looks like they're coming to life. Zena shakes her head and looks again but now, they're just knots in the wood board. She gazes at the window curtains opposite her bed, and the flowers on the drapes turn into little monsters, eating at the fabric. So she opens her eyes even wider, and the monsters turn back into flowers.

Zena turns to her side and faces the wall. She closes her eyes and asks the universe to protect her. She curls up in a ball and squeezes her hippo real tight and asks the universe to protect her and her family from the monsters on the curtains and the people in the wood knots.

And just as Zena finally starts to drift into sleep, a light shines through her window and into her room. In one quick motion, Zena sits up. She's breathing fast, her heart beating out of her chest. She hesitates for a moment, "should I run out?"

As her eyes get used to the light, she is finally able to see. Zena knows her imagination is wild but this time, there is no way that she has imagined this. No, this is real.

Drawings by Liloon.

Part 2 tomorrow guys!

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