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A Short Story: Her Power, part 2/3

Hey peeps. Post 5/21. Heading right into it!

Her Power, Part 2/3

Zena can't believe her eyes. In front of her is a little girl that looks exactly like her. It's another Zena, but a Zena with a warrior grin, fists on her hips, and chest inflated.

"All that she's missing is a cape!" Zena thinks as she lets her guards down for a second. She shakes her head, rubs her eyes and looks again. The little superhero is still standing there.

- "Who... are... you?", Zena whispers, not moving an inch in her bed.

- "Who am I?", the superhero exclaims as she lets her arms down, a little bit disappointed, "didn't Gary tell you?"

Zena frowns, "Gary?"

"Yes! GG! Gary Grunch!" the superhero smiles and starts to pace around the room, "him and Milly Ander have asked that George and the boys, you know, and Carl from the second flower on the left drape start telling you the truth about... you know..." she turns to Zena making hand gestures to encourage an answer, but notices Zena is staring at the wood boards in the ceiling, in complete disbelief.

- "Uhhhh... " she slowly walks towards Zena and presents an open hand, "I'm Gill," and pointing first at the ceiling, then at the curtains, "this is Gary Grunch, Milly Ander, George, the boys and Carl! You know them already, don't you?"

- "Yessss, I think." Zena's face losens a little bit as she lets her guards down again, "Soooo... the truth about what?"

- "About you and your power!"

Drawing by Liloon.

Part 3 tomorrow.

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