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A Short Story: Her Power, part 3/3

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Not even a third there and I am having a really hard time writing, but I really want to complete the task. I #committed and I want to prove to myself that I can #persevere.

Like I told you, when I was a little girl, I used to tell myself a bunch of stories because I couldn't fall asleep easily. It distracted me from seeing all the monsters in my room (like Zena here). Her Power is a story I used to imagine for myself, that in the middle of all the fear, I'd be visited by something or someone that would tell me about a hidden power. It helped me sleep. The only thing though is I realize that Zena's story doesn't have a proper ending, because I eventually fell asleep...

Her Power, part 3/3

After Zena listened to Gill explain what she can do, she walked towards the window and looked up at the sky.

- "Are you okay?" Gill asks.

Zena turns to look Gill in the eyes, "I am... I just... I don't know how!"

Gill opens the window and takes Zena's hand, "wish it really hard and see for yourself."

Zena walks closer to the now opened window and stares into the night sky. She lifts herself up on her toes and in a deep breath, wishes herself off the ground. Her toes no longer touch and she starts to float out of the window, into the garden. Gill lets go of Zena's hand and stands there, waving good-bye.

Zena flies higher and higher, the village where she grew up looks smaller and smaller.

Drawing by Liloon.

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