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Anxiety & OCPD: Acupuncture Results

Hey hey! So, bad news. Three panic attacks in the last week or so.

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I did finish my acupuncture treatment last Friday, and they suggested phasing out slowly by reducing the amount of sessions per week — I have one scheduled for tomorrow, but what is this? I thought I was getting acupuncture to heal my anxiety, and especially stop panic attacks from happening!

Like I told you after five acupuncture sessions, I did — and still do — feel some benefits: a reduced appetite, a bit better sleep, more relaxed in general, better ability to see the big picture and think constructively, not destructively. And this is great, I love it. However, it seems my body took over again three times this past week.

Is a ten-session treatment not enough? Why is this all happening post treatment, not during it? It’s been six weeks since my last panic attack.

This week’s panic attacks

First panic attack: last Saturday, very subtle, waves of anxiety lasted about ten minutes, sitting in the passenger seat in the car. Second panic attack: yesterday, subtle but intense, at a meeting, lasted about twenty minutes — almost told off the meeting until I finally stood up to open the window and felt better because distracted. And third panic attack: today, at home, just heading back to work after lunch, had to cancel a meeting this time… Now, this is the first time I actually cancel a meeting in my professional, adult life because of this. I have no idea why this is happening and need tips! #tipsforanxiety #panicattackhacks

What happens in my body

I feel heavy in my stomach, I feel short of breath, a pressure belt around my waist, my heart pounding so hard I’m sure you can see it beat through my clothes, my hands and feet tingling and that feeling of falling back. My vision shortens like in a tunnel. I notice I’m not breathing (holding my breath), so I try to regulate my breath, and breathe in and out exaggeratedly, and end up hyperventilating, so my mouth starts to tingle and my hands cramp up! What is this?!

Reasons why

I tried to think about what it could be: is it stress from work? Is it stress from the outside, being around people (agoraphobia)? Is it a growing self-conscience? I’m too aware of my every move, every thought and feel totally overwhelmed? Is it hypersensitivity? Is it synesthesia (over-stimulated and cross-referenced senses)? I cannot say, because it’s not yet at the surface.

Any way I can bring this to the surface?

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