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Anxiety & OCPD: Starting Acupuncture & Cupping

Hi guys, I said I would update on my quest for an acupuncture experience in a month, but five sessions in (half way through the prescribed treatment), I’m too impatient to tell you all about it!

The Diagnosis

I wanted an authentic Chinese experience, so I searched for a Chinese doctor in Lausanne.

I was received by a lovely Chinese receptionist, who spoke near-perfect French. I had to fill in the usual medical info sheet and was lead to a room with a big window, a desk with three chairs around it, and a medical massage bed by the window.

The receptionist — now, the medical assistant — proceeded to the diagnosis. She asked about sleeping, eating, and breathing, pains, bowl and skin. It was fast, methodical and very straight-to-the-point!

The doctor walked in. Greeted me, and sat. Then, the assistant translated everything to him in Chinese — right then, I was thinking “this is the serious authentic experience!”

The doctor checked my pulse and my tongue. Pulse intensity, strength and pace give hints on the health of specific groups of organs. Tongue color, texture, and shape give insights too. Here are some diagrams I found to help grasp the concept:

The doctor said something in Chinese to the assistant, and she looked at me and said: “your energy is unbalanced, you’re deeply tired because of bad nutrition, sleep and emotions. We’re going to do an acupuncture and cupping treatment with phytotherapy, two sessions per week for five weeks.”

And that was it!

The First Session

I laid on my stomach, head in the hole, arms on the armrests below the chair, in my underwear. Amazingly comfortable position by the way!

The doctor quickly disinfected my back, arms and calves, and put 10 needles (two in each arm, two in each leg and two in the back of my neck) on acupoints (I researched: bladder, large intestine, and anxiety meridians), and three cups on my back (said to drain “bad blood” and rebalance Qi (Ying and Yang)).

I felt no pain. When he left, he mentioned (in approximate French) that I would stay like this for a bit and that he’ll be back. I was expecting to feel faint or anxious, but I felt so good! I felt soothed and calm.

The Fifth Session

I’m going to say, I’m used to it now. It’s not 10 but 12 needles, and not three but eight cups now. I always look forward to the sessions and I’m starting to notice a few things — coincidence? I don’t know!



I fall asleep later than usual (around midnight), and I wake up without a problem as early as 5am (today). I feel more energetic, excited and happy.


I’m definitely snacking less. I feel full faster, and don’t have as much cravings.


I have to say, I haven’t broken into tears since I started the treatment. It seems as though I’m more in control, keeping a greater distance so I can naturally see the big picture, which makes me generally calmer.

Anyways, keeping track you guys. I’ll update post 10 sessions, at the end of the treatment!

I have a question for you!

Do you feel your emotions in your body? I asked someone the other day, and they said no. When I’m frustrated or angry, I feel it start in my jaw, radiating to my throat and down to my shoulders, to finally settle on my solar plexus. And if I listen attentively, it’s a little like my body is painfully registering something. So I realized lately that by letting my body speak out immediately as the feeling comes (shouting, crying, moving), the pain subsides.

This happen to you? I’m sure it’s pure common sense, but I wonder why some people feel this and others don’t! Is it just self-knowledge?

Maybe try this: notice how your body feels when emotions rise — and listen attentively, give your body a voice and let it out! What does it say? How does it act?

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