“Attitude” Guidelines For Positive Impact

We all feel the want and the need to help in some way or another at some point in time. We want to do something, and we want to do it now.

Don’t lose that momentum by overwhelming yourself with the idea that you HAVE to donate a significant amount of money to a cause, or march in the streets, or run marathons to raise awareness — although these are great and if you’re doing them, keep at it! There are simple ways to contribute to making this world a better place.

Here are 7 things you can do as of now!

Photo by Japheth Mast on Unsplash


Open up and smile, say “hello” to people you cross paths with throughout your day. Just do it. Get your nose off your screen and look around! Don’t worry about those who don’t respond, because what you’re doing is wonderful and they’re probably just surprised (in a good way).


Be sure to observe when you first walk into a space, to listen and absorb before you act. Gather the soft and hard data, and you will naturally fit into the situation the way you’re meant to — to compensate, to adjust or to join, that’s up to your gut. It doesn’t mean you’re not speaking up, it just means that you’re choosing the more mature approach, and preparing yourself to contribute in the best, most appropriate way possible.


Whatever you learn, whatever you experience, share it on every and any occasion with humility and kindness. Whatever situation you’re in, no matter how frustrating, hurtful, disappointing, remember that people’s actions and reactions belong to them. You cannot do anything about what happens to you, only how you react to it. So act and react with kindness and humility. Be that person!


No need to bottle your feelings up. Go for a run, paint a big picture, dance in your living room, sing to yourself in the shower. Try to remember what you did when you were 11 years old to express yourself and do that now. The more you put out there, the less crowded and clouded your mind and heart are, the more ready you are to take on a helper role if needed.


Say YES to someone needing your help, say YES to a visit at grandma’s, say YES to a volunteering experience. Help out, it’s an opportunity to teach and learn! Watch out though, where there’s no gratitude on the other end, you don’t have to be.


Do you turn the lights off when you leave a room? Or let the water run when you’re brushing your teeth? Your habits have an impact on the environment and your wallet so get back on track ASAP. Here are a few ideas: turn the heater off and get yourself a wool blanket (unless you’re turning blue in the toes, lol), buy local and whatever is not packaged in plastic, reuse whatever can be reused (have a box ready for it), sort your waste (buy yourself sorting bins). Take the train, not the plane, and the bus, not the car — whenever you can. You’re a meat lover? Eat chicken or pork, not beef. Don’t buy into marketing, think twice before you shop — “do I really need it?” Speak up, don’t hesitate to turn down a plastic straw, and ask for a paper straw…


Talk about this with anybody, but you might especially want to talk about this with your colleagues and employer. In a week, we work 42 hours and a half. Assuming we sleep 8 hours a night, there are 16 hours available to us in a day. That’s 112 hours per week. We spend 38% of our week at work. What if you were to use that big portion of your time to also do good? There are ways to do it, and there is an organization I can think of that can assist you in doing this.

Every little thing you do counts. It’s cliché, but it’s SO true!

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