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Different Sleep Needs & Habits

Post 18 of 21 of the #newhabitchallenge! Getting there... Skipped again yesterday, I was tired. I could think a million thoughts but I couldn't put order to any.

Today, I started drafting a few ideas for the "how to be you" post but I need more time and headspace for it. It'll come but later. Get excited 😉!

Right now, I want to share something I observed last Sunday at brunch.

Around the table, we shared our sleep needs and habits and I noticed the following among the ten of us:

Most of us can't stand going to sleep in the morning but some of us love it!

Eight of us like to go to sleep when it's "night time" and wake up in the morning. One even likes to go to sleep as early as 9pm and wake up before sunrise. A few mentioned feelings of guilt and anxiety from staying up too late or waking up past 11am. However, two of us are able to - and actually enjoy it - go to sleep in the early hours of the morning, even after the sun has risen and sleep all the way to the afternoon the next day without any other feeling than pure bliss.

Half of us are heavy sleepers.

Five of us sleep soundly and feel rested at the wake. One can even sleep through anything, a slap in the face for example - yes, that happened. The other five wake up with the sound of a fly. Only one other and myself are not able to fall back to sleep easily afterwards.

Most of us fall asleep in a matter of minutes.

Eight of us fall asleep very easily - it takes five to fifteen minutes. For the other two - same two that cannot fall back to sleep after being awakened in the night, it takes up to two hours to fall asleep. For us, overthinking and restlessness are what keeps us awake.

Most of us are fresh the minute we wake up.

Seven of us are fresh the minute we wake up, and don't like to linger in bed. For the other three - also heavy sleepers, it takes a few hours to properly wake up. If they could, they'd stay in bed another couple hours.

A little more than half of us take naps regularly and enjoy them.

Six of us take naps regularly to recharge batteries. For the other four, it's either not a necessity or it feels like a waste of time. For me, for example, it's impossible to nap. If I do, it's because I am so tired I cannot hold my head up anymore.

A little less than half can sleep 17 to 20 hours straight.

Three of us can sleep 17 to 20 hours straight, even three days in a row. Quite impressive!!


Anyways, that's it guys! What are your thoughts? Does it seem to represent what you experience with your entourage?

I thought this was interesting, considering sleep is so important and actually says a lot about a person. My personal take on this quick Sunday morning study is that the people who sleep the heaviest, take naps, fall asleep easily are the ones I know to be more relaxed, resilient, positive, and simply happy.

I wish I could sleep like that, don't you? I wish I could turn my brain off. It's been years now that only watching FRIENDS helps me sleep... and still, it takes hours sometimes.

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