Four Tricks To Put Baby To Sleep

There are many ways to put a baby to sleep and babies are all different. In the beginning, babies fall asleep all by themselves. All they need is a warm and cocooned space. A few weeks into baby's life though, it'll start to keep itself awake. It won't want to miss a minute of this wonderful life! Here are 4 tricks to help put baby to sleep.

1) Up & Down, Side to Side

Sit somewhere comfortable where you can put your legs up. Place baby on your thighs, with its head almost at your knees and its legs folded on your belly. Start to sing in a soft voice "up & down, side to side" and repeat. When you sing "up & down", move your legs up and down by pushing on your feet. When you sing "side to side", move your legs side to side. Move your legs at a pace that you feel your baby enjoys. When baby starts to relax, lower your voice until you're whispering. Eventually, you can stop singing and later, stop moving. Keep baby on you while it sleeps or lower your legs gently and take baby on your shoulder so you can carry it to bed.

2) Baby Bounce

Take baby in your arms in an upright position. Put your right arm under its bum and your left arm behind its back (or vice-versa), with your hand holding its head. Don't force baby's head onto your shoulder. Bounce baby from side to side singing "baby bounce" in a soft voice. Mind that your mouth is right next to its ear. You can start by bouncing energetically, and going softer and softer as baby relaxes. This trick works wonders when baby is fussy.

3) Shhhhhhh

Whatever you're doing, whatever method, "shhhhhh" works really well to soothe baby. Try to "shhh" in a rhythm, always with the same intensity, and repeat it until baby falls asleep.

4) You're Okay

If baby cries, talk to him/her. Say "it happens to all of us to be upset, you're doing so well my love", "it'll soon pass, I promise", "you're a champ, so brave", "dad and I also had stomach aches when we were babies, and still do sometimes", "dad and I also get cranky when we are tired, you'll soon fall asleep and everything will be alright", "you're safe, I'm here for you", "I'll take care of everything, just relax my love", "you're okay". It doesn't matter that baby is only a week old. Somehow, the intention behind these words will be felt and they will help a bunch! Baby will soon be asleep in your arms.

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