Get Momentum: Hobby To Business, part 2

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I know, I know. I said "see y'all tomorrow" and didn't show up. I guess I burnt my joker there (wink). But you know what, I skipped once and here I am, not skipping again so I think I'm doing okay.

So, now that you've dreamt big, made yourself the promise you'll try, set a timeframe and a deadline, made it part of your work week and left your fears behind, let's move on to the next step - your first milestone!

Step 6: Create your project's Living Deck.

When you're setting up a project, there's a bunch of things you have to figure out before getting started. These things often sit on a business plan. But seriously, "ugh" at the business plan idea. Business plans are quickly obsolete and nobody really reads them. Seriously, who's with me? Ain't nobody got time for dat!

So, I got a better idea: a living deck of key information as a base for your project development.

"Living" because it'll grow and evolve all the time. "Deck" because it'll be the platform for extending the full length of your project... but hey, only the essentials.

All you need is a place to write. Ideally, a cloud document. I use Notes because it's synced with my devices and it's always on me (my phone). So anywhere, any time you have an idea, you get to write it down.

What is on the Living Deck? How to structure it?

Steps below, but first, an example with my Living Deck for Restless Monkey:

See, it's doable!!


Keep in mind: you'll be updating this all the time so don't worry too much about it being perfect or complete.

  1. Start with the name of your project or title of the business/hobby you may or may not (let's not pressure ourselves yet) turn into a business.

  2. Then, list accounts/pages you open/create (Facebook, Instagram, website, Google) - gives you a good idea of where you're visible and accessible. Also, which channels you can use to communicate (and perhaps, sell).

  3. Under chapter I, the description of your project in 1-2 sentences. Doing that helps you communicate about this too, and if you want, even create a tagline for your website/social media page(s).

  4. Under chapter II, your content management. No matter what you're up to, you're going to create some content and you'll want to know where your content is. For example, my art paintings are stored in my studio, my digital prints are in a photo album and some market research for setting the price of my art is in my Google drive.

  5. Under chapter III, the process. What is your process in terms of your product or service? Break it down. For Restless Monkey, it's easy. For another business idea, you may have to think about the process in many different scenarios. For example, what is the step-by-step after you get a request for a coaching session versus what is the step-by-step after you get a request for one of your printable guidelines? !Keep it as simple as possible on the Living Deck. You could write "step 1: email the client with starter questions" and have all the starter questions on a document you keep in your drive for example.

  6. Under chapter IV, and super important, Sinek's Golden Circle. This is your base for all kinds of things. Why do you want to do what you want to do? How will you do it? What is it that you'll do/make/say/create?

  7. Under chapter V, your strategy (if any). With Restless Monkey, I've decided to let it grow organically - but that could soon change! With your project, what are the steps you envision for its growth? What is your ultimate goal for it? What are the smaller steps to get there?

  8. Under chapter VI, the project's budget. Surely, there's some kind of cost to this activity. Are you setting up a website? How much will the domain cost per year? How much will the props cost? For example, as an artist, I know that paint, brushes, material (although, most can be up-cycled material) costs money.

  9. Under chapter VII, your to-do list. Now that you're done with writing what is the very first version of your project's Living Deck, what is your next step? Aha, you're in a pickle now, are you? Well, don't worry - I'm giving you the next steps tomorrow!! But, if it makes you feel better, you can write that down:

1. Design a logo.

2. Choose a color palette.

3. Set up a Facebook page.

4. Set up an Instagram account.

5. Set up a website.

6. Publish my first social media post.

7. Do a trial round.

8. Communicate, get out there!

Have a lovely evening and wondrous start to the week! By the way, feel free to reach out if you need any support.

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