Get Momentum: Hobby To Business, part 3

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Yesterday, I gave you a significantly large task. Creating a living deck for your project takes time and you should really enjoy it! So maybe I'm rushing into the next step here but don't worry, you can always make a note or bookmark this and come back to it later. Or maybe you spent your evening/night and the whole day today on your living deck and cannot wait to get to the next step!

Step 7: create your brand identity!

For a creative like me, this part is very enjoyable. For others, it may be a pain in the a**. Anyways, no matter what your preferences are, you have to figure this out but the good news is, you can do strict minimum:

First, what are the three words that you want people to think and feel when they get in contact with your project (or you)? I'll use Restless Monkey's branding process as an example. I wanted people to know that RM was kind, was cool and modern. Of course, for me, Restless Monkey in itself also had a lot of character - I mean, restless. monkey.

Second, Google images for these words together in different combinations. It'll help you narrow down your idea of a visual representation for your project (or business, hehe). I researched "kind monkey", "restless monkey", "cool monkey", "modern design", "cool design", "cool colors", "kind colors", etc. and I came up with an inspiration board:

Third, get on Google images with a more specific search (now that you know what you want), click tools and click "labelled for reuse with modifications". A bunch of images you can import, modify, publish and use will show up. Pick your composition and use any editing tool you have (could even be a paper collage and then a photograph of your collage) to make up your logo - yay. Here's what I did for RM (I used Adobe Illustrator):

Fourth, test out colors in your logo or decide on at least 5 colors for your color palette. I know it feel unnecessary but there will be times when you'll need to highlight a word or anything and you'll want consistency across all your outlets. In fact, if you build your website with Wix, it'll ask you for your color palette in the very first steps of creating it.

As you know, I chose the lower right one - and hopefully you agree it is the best one on here.

That's it for Step 7! You have what you need now to start creating your website, your Facebook page and Instagram account.

Now, if you're a creative and want to do more of this or you want to learn how to create a brand identity deck on Adobe Illustrator, email me or DM me on IG and I'll be happy to give you some more details.

So what now?

Now, you get ready for Step 8: your go-to-market strategy! aka getting the word out there and attracting the right people.

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