Get Momentum: Hobby To Business, part 4

Post 11 of 21 of the #newhabitchallenge! Cannot believe I'm actually over the midway bump, youhou!!

So, let's dive right into it.

Step 8: draft your go-to-market strategy!

I have to say, I am so glad I had a call with Shona Dobson (@thecontentguide) today because it has refreshed my memory and given me some really good insights for this step particularly.

Quick checklist before we start:

  1. You dreamt big and figured out what hobby you're ready to turn into a "business" (eeeeeesh, I said it again 😉)

  2. You made a promise to yourself and/or found an accountability buddy to make sure you give your all to try this

  3. You set a timeframe and a deadline to give it a sense of security and predictability, and to know when to stop and observe the progress

  4. You included this project into your work week, giving it as much importance and priority as any other job

  5. You're not afraid - ok, you are, but only a little - this is fun!

  6. You created your project's Living Deck

  7. You created your project's brand identity

  8. You created a website, a Facebook page, an Instagram account and/or anything else you thought was useful

  9. And now, you're ready to get out there!

Polish your "why".

You've done this and it's in your Living Deck but let's quickly review and make sure we got that right.

We spend time and energy on a hobby because it benefits us in many different ways. We believe in what it brings to our lives. So why do you do it? Your "why" is also someone else's "why", they might not know it yet. For example, Restless Monkey exists to help people identify, grow, find the missing pieces of the puzzle, smile and feel less alone. With Restless Monkey, you go from feeling powerless, anxious and lost to feeling empowered, confident and supported.

Figure out who is likely to have the same "why" = the same need and want for your product or service.

Now that you know why your project exists. Who is that person that needs it too? It's not enough to say: "someone feeling powerless". You ought to create a person, a buyer persona. An individual that is your ideal customer/client, your "superfan".

What does that person look like and do? How does that person speak (the language used)? What does that person like? What does that person struggle with on a daily basis? What are the pain points? What is a day like for that person? Where does that person hang out and go to fill his/her needs? What are that person's personality traits and age? What is that person's world view?

Create the perfect journey down the funnel.

You know who your "superfan" is. Now, all you have to do is place content on that person's path that will lead him/her through a journey, or a funnel (now picturing people in liquid form sliding down the funnel - haha). Get their attention, make them interested, create a desire, lead them to action! In marketing terms, you'll lead them down the Marketing Sales Funnel, starting at A and finishing at A with AIDA:

Figure out what you want your "superfan" to do exactly at ACTION.

What is that end action you want from your "superfan"? Is it to buy once, to buy over time and/or advocacy? Simon Sinek in Start with Why said:

Repeat business is when people do business with you multiple times. Loyalty is when people are willing to turn down a better product or a better price to continue doing business with you.

So we want a sale (make moneeeeyyyy) but do we want loyalty too? I think sooooo!

Once you know what you want them to do, you know what path to lead them through.

Create a whole world!

To create loyalty, you need to be consistent with useful and relevant content for your "superfan". But we know we don't have just one interest but many that make up our view of the world. Setting up a satellite of information means to provide not only your product or service but an experience, a culture, a whole world around your product or service that meets the "why" (the need, the want) of your "superfan". Create a conversation around your project!

There you have it! This is just the beginning but you've got momentum and you're ready to add on, improve, assess progress and develop further.

If you want more tips on specific things (for example, how to's for the AIDA funnel), DM me on IG or email me.

Now, to close this thread, remember:

  1. People like people, so be yourself as much as you can - you're an actual person behind your project, with a real-life "why"!

  2. Don't focus on growing your population of attentive and interested people (AI of AIDA), focus on creating desire in your current population of attentive and interested people and most importantly, on converting them to ACTION (the final A of AIDA).

Please share your experience! Good night!

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