Give Baby A Bath In A Small Bathroom

Here's 5 steps on how to give baby a bath in a small bathroom with no tabletop and a small sink (not big enough to fit baby).

Step 1: Warm up the room

Place your bath pillow (love this Doomoo one) in the bathtub. Put the plug in, run some warm water (37-38°c), place the thermometer in the water and let it run so it fills the tub a little (the pillow shouldn't float). Close the door to trap heat inside the bathroom while you get step 2 done.

Step 2: Get everything you need

Prepare a towel on the changing mattress. Take a clean diaper, wet wipes, a clean bodysuit and/or pyjamas. Take some body cream, cotton buds and a hairbrush if you like to use them. Carry everything to the bathroom. Place the changing mattress with the towel on the floor next to the tub and the rest around it.

Check the water temperature and close the tap.

Step 3: Get baby ready

Get your sweet little angel and close the bathroom door behind you. Put baby down on the changing mattress and undress it. Talk to your baby while you do everything to reassure him/her. Place baby on the bath pillow and start by watering its belly and head with the sponge.

Step 4: Clean baby

Put a spray or two of shampoo/soap on the sponge and start scrubbing baby's legs, bum (and all), belly, belly button (important not to forget), arms, back, neck and head. To clean the back, turn baby to the right a little to reach its back and then to the left. Wash off with the sponge by filling it with water from the bath (doesn't matter that it's all soapy). Squeeze as much water out of the sponge and then clean baby's face.

Let baby splash around a little if it loves it. Keep putting warm water on baby with the sponge. Then unplug the bath and turn on the shower head (not too strong, not too hot). Place your hand under the shower head (where the water's coming out) and wash the soap off baby.

Step 5: Dry baby

Don't wait too long after washing off. Take baby and place him/her on the towel that's on the changing mattress, and wrap baby up. Dry the head first but keep it in the towel's cap. Start drying the bottom half, cream (if you want) and put on the clean diaper. Dry the top half, cream, take baby in your arms to pull the towel off the mattress, and put on the clean bodysuit/pyjamas. Clean ears with baby cotton buds and brush hair if you want to.

Give baby a huge hug and a high five, great teamwork!

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