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How Seeing A Psychic Ruined A Year Of My Life

Before you read on, just realized it's April 1st. I promise this post is not a joke^^

Hey peeps! Here’s one question I heard more than once from my friends in the past: “should I see a psychic?”, to which I answered loud and clear: “NO WAY, JOSEYYY!”, because people, just hearing about going to a psychic gives me the worst stomach ache.

Here’s why.

In the spring 2016, I did a session with a psychic. I wanted to leave my job and I had so many options - too many - so I thought it’d be fun to get some sort of direction. I reached out to a really well-known psychic, who by reputation, also consults politicians.

I did not tell her anything, just my name (and perhaps I shouldn’t have?). I felt pretty confident, although a little nervous.

In reality, I never imagined it would ruin my life for a year afterwards.

Here is what went down during the session (I recorded it):

1. She said I had recently broken up with someone (let’s call him Guy1), that it was really hard but that it was time to forget him because it was never going to happen again.

2. She said I would meet someone that summer (let’s call him Guy2) but it wouldn’t last, before I’d meet the love of my life around fall (let’s call him Guy3).

3. She said I would get two job offers in the summer, one from a multi-national company and another from a startup.

4. She said the multi-national company job offer was somehow thanks to, and linked to, my higher education degree.

5. She advised me to take the job in the multi-national company because I would succeed and be known as an expert.

6. She said I would follow an 8-10 month training before being promoted.

7. She said I would be known for my advice to companies on how to manage people.

8. She said I would meet the love of my life there (Guy3), fall crazy in love but intellectually in love. She asked me what my mother tongue was because it sounded like I had an accent when I introduced myself (the session was in French). I said French, and she said that Guy3 and I would speak another language I know together.

9. She said that in 7 years (2023), I would start my own business with him (Guy3) as a partner.

10. She said I’d have more than 1 kid.

11. She said I create things with my hands, art in some form, and that I should keep doing it because it will be useful for my children.

At the time, everything seemed pretty plausible: I did like to make art and I did want to start my own thing at some point but the love situation was out of whack. So I told her “I’m a little surprised because I broke up with someone 2 years ago (let’s call him Tim), and I’m currently with someone else whom I love (let’s call him Sam)”. She asked for Sam’s full name, and said it was a good relationship but it wasn’t going to last.

My heart was pounding.

When the session ended, I thought I was going to forget about everything she said… but I didn’t. I thought about it every night for months. Because I thought my relationship was coming to an end, I wasn’t engaged nor committed. I was simply waiting for these job offers, for the love story, for the business, for the success…

Over the summer, a few small jobs came in but nothing really like she mentioned… I stayed in my current job and decided I would be committed to it (FYI, I’ve been in that job since then, it’s been 4 years).

And then came the fall (the season I mean)… And it seemed like every guy I met could be the one, until I realized that I was reversing the whole thing: I was changing my behaviour so what she said would happen... Think about this, I could have landed on a bad relationship and held on with all my mighty strength just because she said it was going to be it. All the while neglecting an amazing relationship I already had (with Sam)!

So, I did some research on the self-fulfilling prophecy and the dangers of going to see a psychic. I highly, HIGHLY recommend that if you’re thinking of doing this, you go read more on the self-fulfilling prophecy ASAP.

Anyways, a year went by… we’re in the spring 2017 and I’m still with Sam.

And then, one night that spring, it hit me in face hard. Everything she said was in fact true!

My heart was pounding again.

Here’s what I realized:

The weekend before my session with the psychic (spring 2016), I was in a hotel I had been with my ex (Tim) about 2 years earlier (spring 2014). That weekend brought back many memories of my past relationship, and I was thinking about him a lot.

What if the psychic saw everything that was going to happen after spring 2014, and not spring 2016?

So I went back to the spring of 2014…

  • Right about then, Tim and I broke up. Because it had happened before, I had hopes that we would get back together… Tim is Guy1… Hence pt. 1.

  • That summer, I had a 4-month relationship with Liam… Liam is Guy2… Hence pt. 2.

  • That summer, I got 2 job offers, one at a mulit-national company and another at a start-up… Hence pt. 3.

  • That summer, I got the job at the multi-national company only because the person who recruited me graduated with the same degree I did… Hence pt. 4.

  • This company was a company of consultants in human resources… Hence pt. 5 and 7.

  • I did a 6-month training before being promoted… Hence pt. 6.

  • I met Sam in the fall, through an app… fell in love intellectually… And we speak French which according to the psychic didn’t sound like my mother tongue... Sam is Guy3… Hence pt. 8.

As for pts. 9 to 11, it has yet to come… or not!

So WTF? Tell you what, when I realized that, I called my mom and my sister to tell them I finally could rest and let this whole story go...

However, final word of advice: the psychic might have been right, or she stalked my LinkedIn and Facebook… who knows! But for a whole year I lived a roller-coaster of a life… And I was so scared of living the predictions. On one hand, admitting that some people can tell the future; and on the other hand, no longer knowing whether I was making decisions based on my free will or based on the story of my future I had heard from her...

I still think it’s a bad idea to do it, but hey! Sometimes we still need to go through things to learn for ourselves!

If you need to be reminded that living the moment is what’s important, read the mantras again!

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