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Identity: A Story We Tell Ourselves

Our identity is our North Star, it drives why we do what we do, and how we do it!

Reality is, we all — yes, you do too — continuously go through identity crises and think to have lost your North Star.

That’s not a great feeling, is it? These identity crises make us question everything, they rob us of our self-knowledge and confidence, make us feel weak and doubtful, shy and anxious.

We hate them because we are human beings whose nature is to seek consistency, to feel safe, and to be able to predict and prepare for the next step.

So what to do?

Understand why you go through identity crises, and why it changes all the time (freaking tired of this mess)!

Identity is a story we tell ourselves in this very moment. That story you’re telling yourself right now, in this day and age, is based on grounds that evolve so fast that your story’s about to change already.

Back in the 60s, you had a choice between being a working man — or not, and a housewife — or not. Today, our societal environment allows for so many identifications. All these boxes we want to fit in, or don’t want to fit in. We’re in the era of start-ups, freelancers and entrepreneurs! We live many lives! We are unique. Oh, the freedom!

Really though, this is pushing us to the realization that ​we are ​many things and it changes ​all the time​. Eeeeeesh! Stressful. Or is it?

It’s not all bad. Tell your story like this!

Identity crises are opportunities to ​“add features to your software”​, if you know what I mean.

What have you been telling yourself since you started reading this post? That — yes — you’ve been through identity crises and have changed from one self to another? Wrong! You have not changed from one self to another, you have simply added on!

Are you anxious right now because you might be supposed to do one thing, or maybe another, or again another? Wrong! You might be doing one thing now, and will do another thing tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow another! You are exactly where you are meant to be.

If we can be many things, ​let’s be many things​.

Want to know how to be ​your ​best many things​? Don’t miss out on the next BBP, subscribe. I won’t bother you with anything else than just that.

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