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Identity: Use Storytelling to Reach Your Full Potential!

Identity is the bundle of stories we tell ourselves about ourselves throughout our lives.

Photo by Masaaki Komori on Unsplash

Identity crises are not identity crises, they’re moments in our lives when we are pursuing a different path than we thought we would, but simply adding on to our true self-identity, made up of oh-so many things and continuously evolving.

In Mar.3rd’s post, we declared that the pressure on day-to-day consistency is no longer threatening our mental wellbeing. So, telling yourself a different story every day is actually beneficial for personal development and growth? Well, yes but there’s a way to do it!

Indeed, your storytelling method and what you’re able to do with it greatly affect the outcome.

Your storytelling method

Let’s break it down with @simonsinek’s Golden Circle (#startwithwhy):

Why? Why are you changing your story? Why are you going through this right now? Are you changing careers? Writing up an “about me” section? Someone asked? You want to clarify to your customers? You seek consistency because you suffer from anxiety and can’t bear the unknown? Consider the motivation. Find your why.

How? How are you communicating with yourself about this story? In what tone? Does it come with grand expectations? Are you sharing excitement or disappointment? Be positive and encourage yourself.

What? What are you saying? What words are you using? Write them down, make a list.

Turn your story to action!

What you’re able to do with the story now.

Go back to your Golden Circle, and decide to make something of it or not.

Then, do what @james_clear did: break it down and turn it into everyday habits.

“Every action you take is a vote for the type of person you wish to become.” (#atomichabits)

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