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Jan 3rd: 3 Key Starters For 2020!

It’s January 3rd so we can finally let 2020 come.

Let’s not worry that we didn’t let 2020 come sooner — say, on the 1st, at 00:00:01. If you’re a little like me, NYE is always a bit of an emotional mess. You’re happy for the booze and the music, and the people (although, not always the case), and also frustrated with all the unsatisfying answers to the 2019 retrospective questions, but also excited because you think 2020 will bring you little miracles, but then so sad to realize 2020 looks just like 2019.

Hang in there and let all the waves of emotions come and go. Cry, scream, laugh and sleep it off until January 3rd, when finally, things sorta clear up! Ready for 2020, here we go!

First and foremost, don’t do the thing where you idealize a life for your future self and then try to break it down into steps to the “new me” — just be who you are today, you’re already the best version of yourself with all that you know and have. Stick to doing the best you can now and always, and if you’re going to do this, set smart resolutions or don’t set any resolutions at all!

Guide to Smart Resolutions in 3 steps!

1. Ikigai your life for 2020. Print this and brainstorm away. What do you love to do? Any of that you’re good at? What else are you good at? What does the world need according to you (and @GretaThunberg *wink*)? Of the things you love, know how to do and that serve the world, what can you be paid for?

2. An agenda that looks like you. Now that you’re mapped out, schedule a few new, fun and worthy activities in your 2020 agenda! Do this 6-step exercise. Start at STEP 2 if you’ve done the Ikigai. If not, start from the top.

3. Mood tracker 2020. You’ve got your 2020 agenda and you’re super motivated right now, but what about the days you’re slow and down? How would you like to understand yourself better this year? Forgive yourself and organize your agenda according to the weather in your inner world too? Pull out any notebook or journal you have and do this: (1) print and cut out this day calendar, (2) stick it to one side and (3) then color code.

You’re all set! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be doing exactly that for myself!

Happy Year 2020!

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