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Last Week(s) Before Due Date

You're almost due, here's 5 final steps before baby is here!

Step 1 - Get Your Apps!

Download "Baby Daybook" and "Wonder Weeks". Baby Daybook is a life saver for tracking feedings, sleep and dirty diapers. You may not use it right away because it'll feel a little overwhelming at first but eventually, it'll bring you a lot of insight! Wonder Weeks is great for knowing when your baby is going through a growth spurt.

Step 2 - Binge On These Herbal Infusions

Drink raspberry leaf tea to get your cervix ready for birth (start at week 39). Also, start drinking fennel tea. It's great for your milk production and when baby'll be here, keep drinking because it'll help his/her digestion.

Step 3 - Start The Perineum Massage

You should be prompted to start by your midwife, but maybe not, so here's a reminder. Ideally, start at week 37. It'll prevent tearing.

Step 4 - Get Your Hospital Bag Ready

No joke, there is no way you'll have the headspace for this on D-day. Disclaimer: this list is perfect if you plan to give birth in a Swiss maternity ward of a university hospital. Otherwise, you may need to add to this list.

For you:

  • A change of comfortable clothes for 3 to 4 days (maternity clothes are a safe choice)

  • Slippers

  • Your breastfeeding bras

  • Toiletries (take some Mepilex SafeTac nipple tape and nursing pads with you)

  • Your handbag with everything in it (insurance card, wallet, phone charger, etc.)

You don't need to bring pads or shampoo/shower gel unless you wish to use yours.

For baby:

The hospital will have everything to change, dress up and feed baby. All you need is stuff for the day you leave.

  • 1 or 2 long-sleeve bodysuits (opens in the front)

  • 1 or 2 warm pyjamas (opens in the front)

  • Socks

  • A bib or 2 and a warm blanket for the car ride

  • A beanie in case it's cold

  • 2 dummies in case baby needs

Don't forget to sterilize the dummies, wash the clothes and bibs, have the stroller with bassinet and the car seat ready.

Step 5 - Get A "Notepad" Ready

If you're an Apple user, use "Notes" to write any tips, to-dos, and other things that'll be thrown at you during your stay.

Meanwhile, you can already add these to your post-partum to-do list...

  • At the hospital, complete name and surname registration of baby

  • Recall the local childcare administration to confirm the birth and therefore keep your place on the waitlist

  • Confirm birth with the insurance company

  • Make your baby’s first appointment with the paediatrician

  • Make your post-partum appointment with your OBGYN

  • Make a request with the population administration to create a passport and an ID for baby

Let this great adventure begin!!

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