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Life's About To Change: What To Do

Here I am, in my living room, next to the window, noticing the season transitioning to fall a little bit everyday. The fall, when everything dies to be born again, a period of change. So it’s all pretty appropriate considering my life’s about to change.

For all those who thought “oh God, there she is, finally pregnant!” — nope, it’s not it yet. We have plans to move away to an entirely new city. And not only that, I’m also looking for a new job. It’s all very exciting, and also very nerve racking. If you’ve read my posts about anxiety and OCDP, you’ll know that moving into a new space will require a lot of conscious letting go from me.

Anyways, in the middle of all this agitation, my best friends remind me to keep cool and trust that everything falls into place organically in the end. But of course, that’s easy to say and MUCH harder to do. So in moments of sheer panic, I struggle to find peace of mind, because I project myself in the future, and feel the urgency to make decisions right away.

So I found a way to be prepared — at least for part 1 — so I can also give a bit of space for the organic way of life, and let things fall into place while I live in the present!

STEP 1: Update

First thing I did was update my CV. I made sure it did justice to who I am today. The last time I applied for a job was almost 4 years ago. A lot has happened, I learnt and matured (or so I think I did). Then, I updated LinkedIn and other job platforms. I made sure the settings were set to make me visible and open to a new opportunity.

STEP 2: Clarify the direction

I thought about what I want, and wasn’t afraid to admit I have more than one scenario in mind. On the one hand, I’m looking to expand on personal projects so I’d like to have time to do so. On the other hand, I’m looking to make my next career move, so I’d like to aim high. So I made sure my preferences match both scenarios.

STEP 3: Big search

I put in the criteria and did a first search. For every job opportunity I found a match, I opened a tab on the company’s website and studied it. I said “no” more times than not. Then, I said “yes!”. I wrote a one-page motivation letter — right from the heart, and I applied. I wrote to someone I know who worked at the company to get insight. I created an Excel database where I keep track of them. Finally, I saved this search and signed up for a job mailer, a daily notification on new opportunities matching my criteria. Now, things roll until I’m at a crossroad again.

STEP 4: Repeat

I created accounts on home search platforms, and thought about what we want. I put in the criteria and did a first search. For every apartment I liked, I added to my favorites. After I was done, my other half and I got back to the favorites, and said “no” more times than not. Then, we said “yes!”, and made appointments to visit. I saved this search and signed up for a daily notification on new apartment ads matching our criteria. Now, things roll too until I am also at a crossroad again!

I’ve basically managed to set the scene and give life a bit of direction, but it’s only the first part of it. Let’s see what life organically brings us next!

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