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Need A Break? Soar With Bubbles

Not a drug or a psychedelic plant of any sort, but just you and your brain!

Post 17 of 21 of the #newhabitchallenge! Yep, wrote "post 6" twice. So, in reality, I'm on post 17!

Anyways, the exercise in the course "Unlock Your Potential Roadmap" is to create a habit by doing it everyday for 21 days straight. Actually, I'm on day 20 of 21 today. So technically, I could write today and tomorrow and be done with this! But you know, I've gotten used to this (looks like that habit exercise works, eh?) Plus, I have quite a few topics in mind that I want to share with you!

The next topic in mind is "how to be you", but I'm f*ck*** tired today!!

So, let's take a break! Just follow my lead... and read on.

1. Close your eyes and take three big breaths.

2. You're back? Good. It's a beautiful day today in Lausanne and surroundings, set a timer on your phone for 1 minute and look outside (maybe you wanna take three new big breaths here, up to you).

3. You're back? Can you see your screen? Bet your eyes are seeing red from all this light!

4. Now, read on...

"(...)" are for you to take a moment.

Imagine there's a tall glass of water in front of you, on your desk, or on that table, or on the floor (...). Imagine a tablet (like Aspirin) sitting next to the glass (...). All the stress, the negativity and the hurt in the world, everything you feel is in that tablet... It's probably heavy and dense (...). Put the tablet in your glass, see it sink to the bottom and start to decompose (...). Watch all the bubbles racing to the surface making that tablet lighter and thinner (...). Watch the bubbles lift your stress, negativity and hurt to the surface of the water, feel your body be a little be lighter in your seat (...). Now you have shrunk to the size of the bubbles (...). You are sitting on one of these bubbles as it soars in the air (...). The bubble pops and you're now flying above the glass, as light as air (...).

5. You're back? Good. You've just taken a real break, and perhaps practiced your very first self-hypnosis.

Did you enjoy it? How did you feel?

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