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Next On Restless Monkey...

Post 6 of 21 for the new habit challenge!

I realize that writing everyday requires a lot of content. And not just any content but interesting and relevant content. It's hard - I get why people are hired to do only that, generate content, share, communicate, build a community, contribute to a sense of belonging and work towards making that community loyal ambassadors. I tell ya, it's hard doing that alone. Plus, I don't have the 42 hours in the week for it. BUT I'm solution-oriented (wink) so I made notes on how I can extend and dig deeper into existing topics I wrote about in past blog posts.

So here goes a little plan for the next BPs on Restless Monkey:

1. I want to talk about James Clear and his secrets to creating habits again. I just love his quote "every action you take is a vote for the type of person you want to become."

2. March 2019, I wrote about identity and said I'd talk about how to make a living doing what we love. I want to get into this and share tips and guidelines on how to set yourself up for it.

3. May 2019, I wrote about my panic attack at Cirque du Soleil. At the time, I didn't understand why that happened to me. Now, I do and I want to explain so you perhaps get a better understanding of your own panic attacks!

4. June 2019, I wrote about OCPD and the challenges of moving in with someone. I want to give an update on what it's like today because the learning journey has continued on and this summer will be 3 years living together!

5. July 2019, I wrote about emancipation. I want to write a post on "how to be me" for all those who still struggle to assert themselves, who don't really know who they are and are seeking clarity and guidance.

6. Sep 2019, I wrote that we were preparing a move, which didn't happen. I want to introduce resilience as a new BIG topic.

7. 2019, I shared on 4 solutions to reduce anxiety, including self-hypnosis and a guide to get over speed bumps. In January this year, I wrote a starter kit for making smart resolutions. I want to update (not to say upgrade), and link it to creating a new beginning. As you know I quit my job a couple weeks ago and this is creating a lot of anxiety (as well as excitement), so I'm untangling a lot of things and I cannot wait to share all of it with you!

8. February this year, I wrote about making decisions when you're an overthinker. I want to explore a decision making tool that has proven very effective for me, which consists of testing out worst-case scenarios.

9. Finally, I want to engage more of you in the discussion!! So here's a bunch of questions I'll be asking you dear network:

How many of you suffer from an anxiety disorder? How many of you don't but still, are super anxious and tend to overthink?

How many of you identify as hypersensitive or super sensitive?

What learning is relevant to you now?

Do you have trouble sleeping? What do you say to yourself before going to sleep?

Do you feel emotions in your body? What emotions? Where are they located? What do you do to soothe them?

Do you do anything to create positive impact? What is it?

Do you hear your instinct? Is it loud? is it so quiet you can't hear it? If you can, how do you do it?

How have you lived through confinement? Have your relationships changed? Improved? Worsened?

Really really looking forward!

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