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Overthinkers, Move Away From Details

Hello good people! As a hyper-sensitive overthinker, I’m always deep in the details. I absorb and notice little things, and while it can bring immense joy, it also brings a lot of anxiety (especially when you’re a little bit (a lot) of a control freak and a perfectionist). I get lost sometimes and it takes a conscious effort to pull myself out of the details and look at the big picture. So lately, I got a little tired of moving back and forth in the details, and my mood up and down with it. I took drastic measures to pull myself out and once out of the details, in a recent moment of enlightenment, I decided I would sit and notice what it was that I was thinking differently that made me more at peace.

I took these things and turned them into three Mantras, and I want to share what I’ve prepared for myself with you. Before I do that, let me quickly cover the description of a Mantra and what it is used for.

What is a Mantra and how is it used?

A Mantra is usually a phrase, a lesson, a word to be repeated so as to help the practice of concentration, otherwise called: meditation. Don’t freak out at “meditation” PLEASE! After all, meditation is the practice of concentrating and focusing your attention on something specific, moving or not, or from one specific something to another - which is something we all already do (yes, you too). Mantras can be used to embed and regularly remind yourself of values, key learnings in your personal growth (my favorite), and simply, the important things of life. Mantras are extremely efficient in changing your perspective on things, seeing life in a brighter light.

Also, I must put in a quick reminder that thoughts lead to emotions and emotions lead to actions and reactions. If you’re practicing positive thoughts, it’s likely you’ll be happier and more peaceful and likely to act accordingly.

Also, just a quick note for those who are already impatient: it takes three months (66 days) to learn a new habit. This means that for three months, you will struggle with this - but if you push through, in three months, you won’t even have to think about repeating your Mantras - they will be part of who you are, and you will automatically think of them.

To me, Mantras work best in the format of a poem, so you can learn it by heart and recite it.

Here goes...


Don’t plan ahead too much. Don’t project yourself too much.

Live in the present. Let come what comes.

Don’t set expectations for yourself or anyone. Let them be. Let you be.

Lift all the pressure. There is no said time or place for anything to happen. Anything comes naturally, and will make more sense if it comes naturally.

Let nature do it, it knows best. It’s a cycle and you will feel ups and downs, but let nature do it and everything will fall into place.

You will feel happier because you will enjoy every moment while cultivating mystery and spontaneity.

You will feel more confident because there is no pressure to do right by yourself or anyone.

Life is in the moments.


What matters - the only thing that matters - is that you live your life the way you want, need and feel it.

If today, you feel like doing this or that. Do it. You have the introspect intelligence, the energy and the creativity to know.

Don’t be afraid to do it by yourself - enjoy your body’s experience, your mind’s experience and let go of others.

Shift your focus to your own heart. Don’t try to live life through others.

Live your life to the fullest, the way you want, need and feel it.

Be okay with being alone. Be okay with not following the crowd. Be okay with not being what society, family and friends expect you to be.

Be okay with being unique, because you are unique. Unique is what makes you, you.

You will feel happier because you are living your life to the fullest.

You will feel more confident because you are you, beautiful, strong and worthy of love.


Let them be whoever they are. Don’t try to change anything about them. Allow for surprise and mystery.

Appreciate them in their pure and raw self. Dive into it, enjoy and spend time with it.

Let go of the things you don’t like. Distance yourself. You don’t have to spend time with it.

Decide on your own terms what you are okay to stick to, and what you distance yourself from.

They are not yours to have and to change.

They are their own person, in their own life, with their own past, their own entourage, their own dreams and their own reality.

Don’t mind the details, keep the big picture in mind and you will have clarity.

Observe with no judgment and you will be more attracted to them.

Spend quality time and you will want to spend time with them.

Know them as a separate being with free will and you will want to choose them among others.

Know them as a separate being with free will and you will feel chosen among others.

Want to share your Mantras? Please do!

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