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Pregnant: What To Do In Trimester 3

In case you missed it: here's what to do on day 1 of your pregnancy, and what to do in your second trimester.

Step 1 - Get The Stuff Ready

Now's the time to get all the "stuff" ready! Here's the first-time parent shopping list to help you get started!

Step 2 - Start Singing!

It feels a tad unnatural but you will be so glad you did it. Sing the same song or make the same humming sounds over and over whenever you think of it. When baby will be here, it'll be your best tool to soothe him or her.

Step 3 - Get All Your To-Dos Done

Finish up anything that's ongoing. And plan and get organized for when you'll get back to a "normal" routine, let it be when you get back to work or at another time.

Step 4 - Set Up Life Insurance For Baby

Set it up with your insurance or your partner’s to make the admin easier. Write up an email explaining how you wish your child to be covered and send to your agent. They’ll draft a project that you’ll have to agree to and sign. You should only start paying as of the birth.

Step 5 - The Admin Stuff (If Not Married)

When you're not married, your partner (the one not pregnant) will have to write to the civil administration to recognize his/her child. In Geneva, the procedure is pretty straight forward. All you need to do is formulate an official request by email with a copy of both your passports. You'll be asked to come to the admin office and fill in a few more forms. You'll pay CHF 105 (2021) and be set! All you'll have to do after that is choose your baby’s full name at the hospital after the birth!

Step 6 - Treat Yourself

Go for a mani/pedi and a haircut. You'll want a hair treatment that is chemical free and no nail polish though.

You may need to...

Make sure you have a washer and a drier, they are essential! Also, you may need to look into a family-size car. No joke, your car is smaller than you think.

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