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Pregnant: What To Do On Day 1

Your period's a couple days late, you took a pregnancy test and it's positive - hooray, congrats! Here's what nobody tells you should be done on day 1.

If you've told your partner already, or if you plan a surprise announcement, then you can jump right into step 1.

If not, you may want your partner to be the very first person to know you're having a baby so do that first and then come back here to step 1.

Step 1 - Call your OBGYN

Call your OBGYN and tell him/her you have a positive pregnancy test in hand. On the phone, they'll most likely tell you what you can and cannot eat/drink and schedule a first appointment around week 8 (we count the weeks of pregnancy from the 1st day of your last period by the way). Ask about taking folic acid (if you don't already) and prenatal vitamins.

At the end of that first appointment, your doctor will schedule your next appointment and so on until the end of the pregnancy. You won't have to worry about when to go see him/her. They will run all the necessary tests to make sure you and baby are healthy. They will also prompt you on when to register your baby for daycare (wait-listing is real in Switzerland), when to start choosing a paediatrician, how to prepare your birth plan and so on.

Step 2 - Tell someone outside your relationship

Tell someone who's not your partner. At the beginning of the pregnancy, you may decide not to tell everyone yet (completely up to you, you could also tell everyone right away). In that case, it's good to have at least one friend or family member who knows. There are going to be times when you'll want to confide in someone outside of your relationship, could be about the pregnancy but could be about anything else really. Them knowing you're going through major changes in your body will definitely help! Plus, you'll be able to speak freely and let all of the messy emotions (hormones) out if need be.

I would say it's also good to contact one other person who's a mom. It could be your own mother or a friend who remembers pregnancy (and birth) more clearly. Just make sure it's someone who's open-minded and will welcome any of your decisions.

Step 3 - Start a "Pregnancy Journal"

If you're an Apple user, I highly recommend using "Notes". You can lock it with a password and it's available to you through any device and from a browser anywhere.

Write your first entry: how you found out, who you told, their reaction, your reaction, maybe even the weather outside or the news that day. Update it with the highlights throughout your pregnancy, you don't need to write in it everyday. Later, you'll see, you'll start addressing your baby and telling him/her what you're going through with him/her in your belly.

The best part is going back to those entries, remembering what the journey was like and having the opportunity to one day share it with your kid. Trust me, there are things we forget that are worth remembering!

Step 4 - Download "Pregnancy +"

Download the free app "Pregnancy +" by Philipps. It is an amazing app that will answer lots of your pain/symptom questions, track your baby's progress week by week, give you ideas for baby names and shopping lists for later.

Step 5 - Buy some belly cream/oil

Yes, today. Buy some belly cream and/or oil at the pharmacy or online, and start your evening routine tonight. Your belly's not grown yet of course but your skin needs to improve its elasticity for the next 9 months. The Clarins Tonic oil and the Rituals belly cream are great by the way.

Step 6 - Open a shared album "Baby"

If you're an Apple user, here's a quick and easy task: create a shared album called "Baby" in Photos. A shared album means you can add and access it from any device, anywhere from a browser as well, and you can add your partner or other people to it if you want (or keep it private too).

Use it as a souvenir bank. Add pictures and videos of you with morning sickness, product and organisation tips, and anything that relates back to this new adventure.

Step 7 - Take a picture of your body

Take a picture of your profile in your underwear. You may think "can't see anything yet anyways" but tomorrow, you'll notice you're more bloated and from then on, your belly will never be like it is right now - not for the next 9+ months anyways.

Put in a reminder in your agenda to take a picture every month. The difference will be subtle at first but you'll be so happy to have those in your "Baby" album.

Friendly reminder: whatever you're going through, it's normal, allowed and you'll be fine!

Whatever symptom you're experiencing, it's very likely that some other woman has experienced it too. If "Pregnancy +" doesn't talk about it, Google it. If you're not sure, call your OBGYN.

If you want to work out normally, do it but just listen to your body more attentively. If you're tired, sleep. If you're up at 4am, go for a walk, have breakfast, watch a movie. If you're hungry at 1am, eat. If you feel like crying, cry. If you're anxious, know it's quite common in the first trimester. If you're angry, breathe or eat (lol).

You'll get used to being a pregnant lady I promise and you'll feel less anxious and nauseous very soon.

Last personal tip: sleep on your belly you goon!! I miss it so much...

Next will be "Pregnant: What To Do In Trimester 2".

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