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Steps To The Real You: Emancipate

Step 2: Emancipate

Emancipation (noun) is "the fact or process of being set free from legal, social, or political restrictions; liberation."

The things you've been called or told in the past are no longer relevant.

Free yourself.

The things you've been told by others about you in the past are no longer relevant to who you are today and who you aspire to be.

I'm not saying you should never reconsider your behavior and actions, but you need to know this.

Nobody will know you and your life as well as you do. Why? Because you choose. You're in control.

Others only see snippets, and they make up their minds about you based on their own experiences, values and realities, and with the interactions you've had with them - or perhaps what they've heard from others.

Who you are right this minute as you're reading this is almost certainly not what they called you in the past.

Keep the good things only.

Are you familiar with the self-fulfilling prophecy? Or maybe the saying: "fake it, until you make it"?

Well, think back to only the positive things about you. Make a list if it helps. You're allowed to remember only the good sides of you - for once, don't try to find the areas of improvement to fix them!

Knowing, repeating and believing those wonderful assets of yours will only make you even more so. It will encourage you to put it out into the world.

Surround yourself with the right people.

All the people who've made you feel small, ditch'em!

They say you are the average of synergies with the 5 people you see most often in the week.

Audit these 5 people! Who are they? How do you feel around them? Do they make you feel inspired? Stronger? Smarter? More entitled? Or the contrary? Do they make you doubt yourself or do they encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone and grow?

Surround yourself with positive people, who will help you see and believe the good things you do and are capable of doing.

Don't be scared of quality over quantity!

Emancipating from all the nuisance of the past will clean it up real nice for you.

Sure, you may see less of some people. I guess that would mean you're doing a good job at being yourself.

You're not going to be liked by everyone, but you'll be absolutely adored by a few.

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