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Stop A Panic Attack: Tips

Hey peeps. Post 14 of 21 of the #newhabitchallenge!

I made a post about reducing anxiety in August last year but it was more about things to do to prevent panic attacks from happening.

This time, I want to give you two tips on how to stop a panic attack after it has already creeped up on you.

Before we get into it, these two tips are, in my experience, the best ones yet, but I know there are a ton of other techniques out there so go explore.

1. Press on your inner forearm in a circular motion. I learnt this technique with a Chinese acupuncturist. Don't be afraid to press down hard and to change over to your other arm when you feel like it. Here's a real-life example I just filmed with my own little arm:

D'you like my little dragon buddy? It's actually a Reiki symbol called Sei He Ki 😊

2. Breathe in as best as you can and hold your breath for 3 seconds, then breathe out as best as you can and hold 3 seconds. And repeat. I learnt this with a yogi friend who taught me box-breathing - 'cause it looks like a box.

At the time, it seemed pretty basic but this little baby has saved me on multiple occasions!

Doing both at the same time for an unlimited time (really, as long as you feel the need) is ideal. It's actually quite incredible how effective it is! Plus, it's discrete and let's be real here, you've always got your lungs and thumbs with you so it's also pretty damn convenient!

That is it for today guys - probably my shortest post of all time.

I'd love to hear about the techniques that are effective for you - how do you stop a panic attack? Have you ever had a panic attack so strong, you fainted? Or any other physical manifestation?

See you tomorrow!

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