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The First 3 Things To Do When At A Crossroads

Kids, in the Spring of 2020...

Sounds familiar?

I've been watching #HowIMetYourMother over this confinement period and man, that sentence seemed appropriate for a come back here!

Hahaha, everyone should be a little bit more like Barney, no?... Oh the self-confidence!!

How are you holding up? What's new since the start of this confinement period? Surely, you've had a disharmony at some point, somewhere, somehow... So what's the learning here?

Me? I quit my job!

Yes, you may gasp in horror, I do too at times... But, here's the thing: I'm right where I'm meant to be, and I believe everything happens for a reason - let's hope this thought sticks with me. Fingers crossed.

So what have I got to say to you now? There's learning here that I have to, have to, share with you!

I had a very interesting call with an amazing woman called #mandybronsil from #Binspired yesterday, Wednesday. She said three things that stuck:

1. There's a difference between what you can do (your experience) and what you could do (your potential) - integrate your potential into your everyday thinking, especially when you're projecting yourself!

2. There are things in life so far that you've wanted to do, felt a deep drive and energy for... and there are things you did because you were encouraged to, because you felt you had no better alternative right there and then. What are those things? Find the trend in your inner drive!

3. Audit the 5 people you see regularly - who are they? what do they bring out in you? what do you bring them? More importantly, do they empower you? do they make you feel confident about your abilities? do they energize you? do they inspire you to move out of your comfort zone? Get the 5 people who do that for you to surround you!

Because Mandy was so direct and managed to trigger so much positive energy in me, I decided to sign up to one of her courses called Unlock Your Potential Roadmap.

I'm on Lesson 4, and I've had to commit to 1 new habit for 3 weeks - posting a blog post every day.

So here I am - this is post 1.

See you tomorrow.

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