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The First-Time Parent Shopping List

Excited to welcome baby soon? Here's the ultimate first-time parent shopping list that'll help you get started!

Disclaimer: this shopping list is based on the assumption that mom will breastfeed for at least the first 3 months.

In baby's room

  1. A bed (that can be transformed as baby grows) + mattress + linens

  2. An inclined plane that you can place under the mattress if needed

  3. Breathable bedstead/bumper (found at Verbaudet)

  4. A changing table + mattress (no need to buy the cover, it's easier to replace a bib when dirty)

  5. The Tommee Tippee diaper bin + its specific diaper bags

  6. A sofa chair, ideally that rocks or leans back

  7. A large wardrobe

  8. A very soft light that's easy to turn on/off (for example, a floor switch that you can reach with your foot when baby'll be in your arms)

  9. This IKEA moving cart to place stuff you need when breastfeeding (you need a place to put your phone, food and water and it needs to be reachable from where you're sitting while baby is at the breast)

  10. A room thermometer (super important!)

  11. A clock (convenient)

  12. The Arlo surveillance camera, your new best friend (it's expensive, but so worth it)

  13. A classic baby phone, because it’s always good to have one (for travels as well)

  14. Boxes of all sizes to create compartiments on the changing table, in the cart and the wardrobe

  15. A small laundry bag (doesn't need to be too big, you'll do laundry every other day anyways)

  16. An expanding file to hold the congratulation cards/letters, souvenirs from birth, insurance papers, certificates, etc.

In baby's wardrobe

A size "1 month" will last until your baby is 1 month old and then it will be too small, same goes with all sizes. Also, you will need to add to this list to match the season in which your baby is due.

  1. The Petit Bateau set of 5 long-sleeve bodysuits in sizes 1 month, 3 months and 6 months (opens in the front)

  2. La Redoute set of 5 short-sleeve bodysuits sizes 1 month, 3 months and 6 months (opens in the front)

  3. 5 pyjamas in sizes 1 month, 3 months and 6 months (always have 1 or 2 per size that are extra warm, prefer buttons that open in the front)

  4. 2 sleeping bags (1 warm, 1 light), in size 0-6 months (prefer a silent white zipper so you can see it when it's dark, or buttons)

  5. A set of 3 to 5 pairs of white socks in a size too big for your baby (doesn't matter in the beginning and they'll grow into it)

  6. 1 or 2 leggings in a size or two bigger than needed (super convenient when it's not too warm or too cold)

  7. A comfortable sling (the best for when baby is weeks old and sleeps on you mostly, and you need to do laundry, cook yourself dinner, etc.)

Think of: sun hat, sunglasses, beanie, warm sweater, one-piece, etc.

In baby's pharmacy

  1. Dafalgan suppository 40mg (super for post-vaccine pain)

  2. Beaba's electric Tomydoo nose-blow (so convenient!)

  3. Bepanthen onguent cream (for baby's diaper area, when irritated)

  4. Baby body thermometer (the classic in-the-bum one)

  5. Bigaia drops to help baby establish a balanced intestinal flora

  6. Flatulex drops to help baby relieve gas

  7. Vitamin D drops (will be prescribed by the paediatrician at birth, to give every day for 3 years)

  8. Merfen disinfectant spray (will likely be prescribed too, to clean the soon-to-be belly button)

  9. Sterilized gauze (same here)

On and in the changing table

At the beginning, and for a few weeks, you'll only use cotton pads and warm water to clean baby. So it's a good idea to keep a bowl on the changing table that you can fill with warm water whenever.

  1. Pampers Pure/Harmony diapers size 1 (buy a month's worth on Galaxus to start, no need to buy in advance)

  2. Wet wipes Pampers Pure (you can stock up, you will use this for 3 years+)

  3. Hand sanitizer

  4. Tissue paper (always convenient)

  5. Square cotton pads (you can stock up on these as well)

  6. Olive cleansing lotion (found at the pharmacy, a mix of natural ingredients to clean baby's diaper area when sensitive)

  7. Mustela cleansing water (smells amazing, can be mixed with water on a cotton pad to clean baby's body, neck and face)

  8. Mustela emollient balm (for patches of dry skin and cradle cap)

  9. Baby body cream (not a necessity but good to have in case baby's skin gets dry)

  10. Baby cotton buds to clean ears (as of month 2 or 3 though)

  11. Baby hairbrush

  12. Baby nail clippers (not before 1 month old though)

  13. Baby sun screen (50+, found at the pharmacy)

  14. A musical toy that also projects light (practical when baby's fussy and squirmy)

  15. At least 6 bibs (yes, 6)

In the moving cart

Keep the top clear for your phone, water bottle, maybe a few snacks. You may want to have the Bigaia, Flatulex and Vitamin D drops available there as well to give before a feed, and a bib (because you'll forget to bring one with you).

  1. A warm blanket for baby

  2. Haakaa milk collector, for when your breast is super full and baby's feeding on the other one

  3. 1 or 2 little toys or stuffed animals

In the bathroom

No need to buy a bathtub. You'll bathe your newborn once every one or two weeks. Your partner (or yourself) can get in the tub and hold baby while the other scrubs from outside.

  1. Doomoo Comfy Bath pillow (when you or your partner can't get in the tub)

  2. A natural sponge

  3. Baby soap + shampoo (ideally, one that combines the two)

  4. 2 baby towels (with the cap)

  5. A water thermometer made for babies, ideally with the "perfect" mark on it

If you don't have space in the bathroom for all this, you may want to place these items on the moving cart - just sayin'.

In the laundry room

  1. Baby laundry detergent + softener

In your room

  1. The Chicco co-sleeper because your baby will need your presence and you will need its presence the first months, trust me

In the living room

  1. A warm blanket for baby

  2. The Chicco Hoopla baby bouncer (a life saver)

  3. A play mat (make sure it doesn't have too many squishy toys inside the mat, can be uncomfortable for baby)

  4. A small but hard pillow (for when you're breastfeeding here)

  5. The 1961 Sophie La Girafe (baby will love it more than anything else)

Somewhere near the entrance

  1. Nuna Triv stroller (prefer big wheels)

  2. Nuna Triv bassinet that goes on the stroller (you may like to use this as a bed in the beginning too)

  3. A stroller duvet/sleeping bag (prefer an in-between season, you can always dress baby up or down)

In the "outings" (diaper) bag

  1. A portable changing mat

  2. Hand sanitizer

  3. Small garbage bags (to put dirty diapers in)

Complete when you're on your way out with a few diapers, wet wipes, a clean bodysuit, some cream, a clean bib, a hat, a beanie, sunglasses, and a toy.

In the car

  1. The Nuna Prym car seat (stays in the car and grows with baby)

  2. A mirror to see your baby when driving

In the kitchen

  1. 2 dummies/pacifiers size 0 (your baby may not want it, so no need to buy too many)

  2. In the fridge, 1 or 2 chewies in case baby is teething early

  3. A breast pump (always good to have just in case)

For you, the one who will give birth

  1. Perineum oil for the perineum massages you'll start at week 37

  2. Raspberry leaf tea to get your cervix ready (start at week 39 only)

  3. Fennel tea (great for your milk and baby's digestion)

  4. Post-partum sanitary pads (avoid pads with lots of product in them because of how long you'll be wearing these (up to 8 weeks))

  5. 3 to 5 breastfeeding shirts, and a bunch of large t-shirts if you don't have some already

  6. Breastfeeding bras (at least 3 supple ones for the night and 3 hard ones for the day)

  7. Nursing pads (you can stock up on these)

  8. Mepilex SafeTac nipple tape (miracle makers when nipples are cracked)

  9. Nipple cream (the hospital will likely give you some too, but you may want an extra tube just in case)

  10. Lilypadz (you'll use these a lot)

Any questions? Feel free to reach out!

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