What To Do When Change Happens

How uncomfortable is change to you?

Me? It’s not my favorite thing. I mean, it's human nature to resist change. Don't blame yourself.

It’s exciting because of the opportunity for newness, the surprises, the growth. The uncertainty though can make things quite uncomfortable.

It takes some adjustment, and sometimes you don’t quite know where to start.

Quick guide to a new start

Whether you chose this change or it chose you, once it's at your door step, the best thing to do is to look forward and get excited for what comes next!

First, leave on good terms

First and foremost, you need to sort things out and leave whatever you’re leaving behind on good terms. Take what will be beneficiary to you with you.

It’s easy to run away from a situation if you’re all burnt out. Take a few days if you need it, but do straighten things out. Write a letter or schedule coffee with someone. If you’re leaving a job or a town, make sure you’ve done all the necessary admin stuff.

Second, unlock your potential

You want to know what you’re capable of? Finally get that dream out there! Imagine if you could point out the things you’re really good at, and that you can put it all out there… Read a book on Ikigai, sign up to Unlock Your Potential Roadmap.

Third, set up a safety net

No matter the choice you’ve made, make sure you’re also considering the worst case scenario. Sign up for unemployment, set up your job platforms with a new CV, reach out and publish to make yourself known. Plan your finances for the next 6 months.

Fourth, relax and meditate

We agree, it's impossible to be relaxed all the way through this. However, you can decide to set time apart to relax. It's really important to spend at least a few minutes a day, just being. That also means to not be watching TV or reading a book. It really means to do nothing, sit or lay and breathe. Let the boredom come. Let the mind wonder. Crazy sh*t happens when you do that.

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