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Why Sexy Can Help

Low sex drive, not feeling attracted to your partner, too lazy to make yourself pretty... And everything in life seems dull... Sound like you lately?

It's hard, I get it. It's so important to get out of this though... Not for anybody else but you actually. You are worthy of better, you deserve better!!

There are many reasons you may feel that way. Some are out of your control, and in that case seeking medical help could be necessary. Or it could be your contraceptive, eating habits, your lack of self-care and self-worth. THAT, however, is in your control.

Ditch The Contraceptive

See if it makes anything better in the next two weeks. If it does, don't take it ever again. Seek other contraception methods that don't involve hormones - could be the reason for your low sex drive, lack of motivation and low mood.

Stop The Sugar

I know. It's so much easier said than done. Stop it! Stop that damn bad habit. Eat non-salted nuts, coconut yogurt, bananas instead. And lots, LOTS of veggies.

Self-care Weekly

Schedule it in your calendar -- an hour or two per week, to bathe, to listen to music, to drink a glass of wine, to shave your legs, to do your nails, etc. Whatever is self-care to you. Do it, because it'll help you feel worthy of this time you're giving yourself. And then, naturally, you'll feel worthy full-stop.


Get out, move. Walk, run. Moving always helps.

Find The Sexy

This is key. It's the most difficult but the most rewarding part of it.

It's not only about self-care. It's about feeling desirable. Sexy.

Here's one way to do it.

What is sexy to you? I mean, it could help to think about what you find sexy in other people... In men, women, both. Really think about it... What is it they do, wear or say that gives you "the tingle"?

Be The Sexy

Whatever you find sexy in others, probably means you'd feel sexy in those circumstances too, wouldn't you? Maybe it's a good idea to try it out and see, even if at first it's all pretend.

Is that true for you? Did you get your sexy back? ;)

All my love to you, fellow restless monkeys trying to make sense of life.

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